Pittsburgh Chevy Spark - The Cool Compact Car With A Turbocharged Engine

American companies introduced numerous new compact vehicles over recent years. And even though most of them are truly great cars, the recent 2011 Chevy Cruze stands apart as arguably the ideal compact car released this holiday season. It is one vehicle that definitely lives nearly most of the hype. The auto is not only a hit here in America, but it's extremely popular worldwide and also it currently being sold in a lot more than 50 countries around the globe. It provides numerous unique features which make it very well liked by consumers. Chevrolet managed allow it a lot of features all and keep its price with an affordable level.

The engine being employed in this particular model is definitely a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that features lots of power and great gas mileage. The manual ECO model could easily get 40 mile per gallon, even though the automatic model gets around 35 miles per gallon, based on the car manufacturer. In the event you pop open the hood you'll be very impressed only how small the engine is in comparison with other compact vehicles. But despite the fact that it's smaller than most engines, it offers 135 horse power and nearly 150 lbs of torque.

But just like the engine is, it will does have its flaws. As an example, prior to the turbo is at full force, you possibly can tell it isn't as powerful being a regular sized car. Also, it's significantly louder than most of the other cars within its class. But fortunately the noise is merely noticeable while driving in stop and go traffic. During the interstate, the 2011 Cruze is extremely quiet along with the handling is incredible. The good handling is because of its extra wide stance and its particular superior suspension system.

The folks at Chevrolet developed a system referred to as the Z-link that basically improves the movements for the rear suspension. That's only because for the automobile to remain at an affordable price, it must be substituted with a different type of suspension system, however the car doesn't have an actual independent rear suspension. Whenever you combine the Z-link plus the innovative engine, you will find why Chevrolet has such high hopes with this vehicle. Almost all of the engineers that worked tirelessly on your vehicle thinks that it can end up being the "leader with the pack" when it comes to compact cars.

A handful of some other reasons why the Z-link is unquestionably a fantastic feature would be the fact it's decreases the all around weight on the vehicle, it's a whole lot less than the alternative setup and it's more compact. This allows the auto to have a bigger trunk space. The handling of your vehicle, as mentioned previously, is fairly good along with the Cruze actually handles the best out of almost all the recently released compact vehicles. The weight of your car is merely right even though steering it comes with a nice balanced feel with it. The actual way it handles tight corners is likewise impressive.

The styling of your 2011 Chevy Cruze is great and contains various packages that alters the all around look from the vehicle. The RS package makes the whole car look more luxurious overall even though the skirt package can make the vehicle look much more like a sports vehicle. While it's compact, the 3 window layout of your car helps it to be look beyond it actually is, as for the overall exterior design. The windows are raised slightly higher in comparison to other vehicles however it doesn't take outside the visibility of the road. As well as headlights are created in this particular unique method in which it really makes the whole Cruze visually stand out.

And as for the quality of the interior, it really is much nicer than Chevy's older model cars. It appears as if the business finally started taking note of the consumers who complained continually in regards to the cheap plastic appearance for the interior parts. Priced at just $16,995 it will be priced thousands less than the base level forms of its competitors, even if overall, this really is a great car which not only looks nice. For additional information about Pittsburgh Chevy Sonic click here.