Lip Enhancement - Add Fullness to Thin Lips

Lip enhancement is usually a cosmetic procedure that really helps to add fullness to thin lips. It could create dramatic improvement in both the lips, thereby making the lips and face look more youthful. soft, Large and sensuous lips look womanly and sexy. With augmentation, the lips have more definition and search pleasingly plumper, and wrinkles and facial lines on the top lip can be reduced.

Lip Enhancement - Add Fullness to Thin Lips to ensure they are That Much More Attractive

Without doubt one of several procedures may perhaps be resorted to help increase the lips and better their shape.

• Dermal Fillers - In combination with giving fullness, this treatment may be used to fix imperfections including wrinkles and lipstick stains. It could also be used in re-assertion of your V-shaped plunge about the upper lip (the Cupid's bow).

• Lip Implants - The incisions for insertion of your implants will be made around the corners on the mouth or on other area(s) on the lips. The implant materials may be fat within the patient's own body (fat grafting) and synthetic (which include SoftForm and Gore-Tex) or natural materials.

• Fat Grafting - Provides permanent results more often than not. Lip enhancement is performed using fat removed from another region in the patient's body. Fat might be prepared, and introduced into your lip(s) by making use of a needle.

• Lip Injections - Injections lend the lips a short-term fuller look. Substances that could be injected to obtain the required effect include fat, collagen, Dermalogen, Fascia and Autologen and Artecoll.

Short Recovery Period

Lip enhancement usually entails just short recovery time, and that is a relief. Talk to your plastic surgeon to choose the proper method that could ideally and realistically add fullness to your thin lips. Besides lip enhancement, there are many facial rejuvenation procedures that one can take advantage of for instance blepharoplasty, otoplasty, nose reshaping, double chin reduction, chin augmentation and wrinkle fillers. For more information about HGH Beverly Hills click here.